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8D Audio: What Is It, And Why Is It Trending?

You know what 3D and 4D are...but what is 8D audio?

If you use YouTube for music streaming, you may have seen suggestions for 8D audio come up. The experience is trending, and you may enjoy it.

8D Audio Editing Effect

8D audio is an editing effect that uses remixing and spatial reverberating that makes it seem as if the music is circling around your head. You must use headphones to experience the 360 degree sound.

Thousands of songs and soundtracks have already been edited to create the special effect, and it is only growing in popularity. Many listeners claim they feel as if they are listening to the music live.

8D audio is really 8 dimensional. However, editors take a pre-existing song and use software to manipulate the various stereo parts by moving and placing them in a virtual 360 degree space.

Headphones are required to experience the full effect of 8D audio.

8D Audio Trending on YouTube

Some listeners may find the special effect a bit distracting. However, the people freshly discovering it find it mesmerizing, which is why the trend is growing. YouTube has several 8D channels with significant followings, such as 8D Tunes with over 5 million followers, and Trillion - 8D Music which has over 1.6 million followers. These aren’t the only YouTube channels for 8D audio, and more are constantly being created with viewers reaching into the hundreds of thousands.

With the growing trend, criticism has grown as well. Some listeners feel the 8D audio tracks can be distracting if the sound moves around the spatial field too quickly. However, the style is evolving and editors are improving their techniques. Typically, 8D audio is most appealingly applied to music with a slower style and a soothing, calming feel. The slower style lets many listeners focus more closely on their activities as the music plays. The one drawback is that you must use headphones to experience the special effect.


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